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The Scary Risk of Building a Facebook Group

Another one bites the dust…

Years ago, Annie, my sister, recorded a message on our answering machine to the tune of that song, but remixed it with Another one calls the Dukes.

And another one calls, and another one calls, and another one calls the Dukes…

Unfortunately, we never saved the recording, but laughs were had by all.


This morning when I woke up, I saw a fellow marketer posting on Facebook that his FB group was mysteriously deleted late last night.

This group was 15,000+ members, was very active, and a lot of value was shared. A lot of newer marketers in the group, and I enjoyed giving my raw, uncut advice.

He is trying to find out who reported the group to Facebook for a violation of something. Apparently, it was a group of people who reported it.

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Will he get it back?

I have no idea.

It’s possible, but I have heard this happen to others.

It’s not common, but it CAN happen.

That is why it’s risky putting all your eggs in one basket.

Zuckerberg & company can snatch it away from you like a bully snatches candy away from the young lad on the playground at school.

You MUST build your business on something you own — a blog, an email list, etc.

Your YouTube subscribers, a FB group, your Twitter followers, your Instagram following can be shut down, with no questions asked, at anytime.

I am not sure how many of the 15k members are on his email list, but hopefully he’s got a “backup”.

Let this be a lesson, and an import one, that building your business on someone else’s playground can be risky business.

Facebook groups are great, and I have one of my own, but ALWAYS try and get as many members on your email list, as this is something you control.

The 3 Cs for Online Marketing Success

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Tony Robbins

So you want to be viewed as the ‘go to’ expert, huh?

The leader in your marketplace?

This is how you do it…

Creating content is essential to your online success. Whether you’re an attorney, a plumber, a real estate agent, in network marketing, or an online marketer selling digital products and/or coaching.

It really doesn’t matter. You need to be putting out content consistently. I don’t care if it is a blog, Facebook updates, a YouTube channel, a podcast or a daily email.

Creating content is how you become the obvious choice in your marketplace.

About a month ago, a guy by the name of Dan Meredith released a training on how to explode your busienss with your personal Facebook profile.

Dan has built a million dollar online business with his personal Facebook profile and a very active FB group. So he’s one to model.

He outlined his content strategy, and it was extremely aggressive from what I was doing, which was trying to post once/day.

Simply not enough.

They say something like only 16% of your friends/followers will even see your posts. Even if you were to post 3x a day, you’d be lucky if half your people see the posts.

Dan consistently posts 3x per day. I am attempting to adopt his strategy.

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Here is my current strategy for Facebook….

  • A business post where I share a lesson/tip
  • A family/funny post, or sharing someone else’s post with some thoughts of my own
  • A video — this is where I am struggling

I have certainly increased my content production, but am nowhere near perfect on this.

Since implementing the above strategy, I have had 4 people I went to high school reach out to me. I graduated in 2000, and 3 of these people I have not spoke to since graduation, so 17+ years.

Writing that was not easy — slow down, time.


I have had 2 others reach out about developing a marketing strategy for their business.

This should prove to you the power of producing content. In the last month, people are seeking my advice on marketing strategy, positioning, Facebook advertising & optimizing their current marketing.

Consistency, in whatever you do, is crucial to get you to where you want to go.

Pick one platform and start creating content, consistently. These are the 3 Cs for online marketing success.

Do what comes natural to you.

If you like to write like I do, start a blog, a daily email, post more frequently on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/wherever.

If you have a face for radio (always loved that joke), start a podcast.

If you enjoy doing video, start a YouTube channel, or post Facebook/Instagram videos.

Just start.

Is This Holding YOU Back?

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It’s something that has held me back for years, and just recently, I got caught up in it…again.

What I am talking about….

playing single deck blackjack down on the strip at 2 am on a Tuesday…

…is listening to the opinions of others.

A couple weeks ago I read a post in a Facebook group about a Dad that was using Instagram live videos & photos of his day as a Dadprenuer, and then using an app (Quik app — quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite apps) to create a slideshow of his day.

He went on to explain that he shared this “slideshow video” to Instagram, Facebook stories and his personal Facebook profile at the end of the day.

In 30 days, he picked up some client work and booked a speaking gig.

A lot of your Facebook friends probably don’t know what you do, I know a lot of my friends have no idea what I do, as I don’t talk about it much.

So, I decided to follow this Dad’s lead and experiment with doing the same. At first, I mixed in photos of the kids with videos of myself working/thoughts of the day/lessons learned/etc.


I started listening to the opinions of others.

My Mom told me I looked “extremely stressed” in the videos.

She also told me that my sister said that I looked “old & tired”.

That stung, I am not going to lie, but glad they told me. I prefer the truth, as oppose to some bullshit lie, even though the truth can hurt. Not nearly as bad as a lie though.

Today, I posted episode #11, but have not been doing videos of myself, because of what my Mom shared with me.

Since I started doing these slideshow videos, I have had 3 people reach out about needing help with marketing their busienss and/or putting together a marketing strategy for a new business.

I changed my strategy because I listened to the opinions of others.


You cannot let anyone’s opinion (yes, even family) change what you are doing. You have to be committed to getting your message out there. There are people out there that NEED your help.

And if you’re not sharing your message…

You’re being selfish.

And I have been selfish by listening to my Mom & sister.

So I just did an Instagram video about writing this email, so I am trying to put their opinions to the side (easier said than done).

Also, I have made a couple health changes over the last couple weeks, because of what they told me.

  • I am now juicing daily — 3 servings of fruits, 3 servings of vegetables, flaxseed, almond milk & chia seeds.
  • I now wake up at 5:15 am (about an hour earlier than normal) and immediately take a walk around the neighborhood.
  • I am trying to get to bed by 10, so that I get 7 hours of sleep each night.

So I made a mistake by letting their opinions influence my message to the Universe. However, I also used their opinions to better myself.

Be careful of the opinions of others.

Whether that be from family, your spouse, your neighbor or the person you went to high school with 15 years ago.

I am looking at it as I went off course for a bit, but am getting back on track starting today.

Progress, not perfection is something my sister told me when she was in rehab in 2009, some of the best advice I ever done heard.

4 Words That Will Virtually Eliminate Your Competition

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It’s very simple to radically transform your business, but it’s not easy.


I’ll get to that in a second…

A lot of business owners worry about the competition.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t do it at times, but have drastically improved in that area.

You could compete on price, service, guarantee, etc.

There are many ways to differentiate yourself. In the eCommerce space, a lot of marketers differentiate themselves on price, which is an eventual race to the bottom.

Same thing with service providers, they compete on price in hopes to win the “deal/contract/client”. And so many of them do this, which in turns, INCREASE their competition, at the bottom.

And I know this, because I battled to the bottom for YEARS. Selling a website for $79 ain’t no way to make a living!

The one way I have found over the last 9 months that attracts people to you like a moth to a flame is…

Be Your Unapologetic Self


It also have the power to repel people from you, AND THIS IS A GOOD THING!


Yes, repelling people is an extremely powerful way to market yourself and your business.

It took me years to figure this out as I wanted to please everyone, I wanted everyone to want to do business with me.

So I colored inside the lines.

I kept my mouth shut.

Like marketing legend Dan Kennedy once said…

If you haven’t pissed someone off by noon, then you probably aren’t making any money

Remember, I said this was simple, not easy.

Here is how you can virtually eliminate your competition by being YOU…

>>> Share your beliefs with your email database, on your website and/or social media.

>>> Use your words/phrases/swearing (if that’s you) in your writings

>>> Share your opinions on topics

>>> Take a fucking stand for something you believe in!

>>> Tell stories about the bad times, as well as the good times.

>>> Share your fears, your hopes & your dreams with others.

>>> Share lessons you’ve learned over the years, or a lesson you learned that day.

Follow the above, and you’ll virtual eliminate your competition.

Like I babble about say often: it’s simple, not easy.

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Go DEEP, not wide (sicko)

No, I ain’t giving you sex advice here.

My best advice there would be: “do as I say, not as I do”


In 2010, I was a brand spankin’ new business owner. Not an entrepreneur, but a business owner.

No idea what I was doing

Still feel that way, at times 😀

I had very little selling skills.

By “little”, I mean just about zero.

Well, except that time I sold weed in 2000, before I got busted 3 days into that “business venture”.

No joke, and that’s another story for another email.

In November of 2010, I was desperate for new business. ANY new business. If a business owner was willing to listen, I had what they needed….or so I foolishly thought.

I see people making this same mistake everyday (see image below)

This ad is calling out “women entrepreneurs — coaches, speakers, authors, consultants, experts and world changers”

That is A LOT of people.

This isn’t how you market effectively, online or offline.

And I know, because I did it for years.

And here is why….

The listed people above (coaches, speakers, authors, consultants, experts and world changers) all have different pain points & desires.

They all have different wants & needs.

They all have different problems they are facing.

You want to go DEEP (sex jokes aside 🙂

A better niche to target would be: first time authors.

First time authors have different problems compared to someone who’s published 6 books.

You could even go deeper and target: female first time authors.

Stop going wide, and go DEEP

Not only will your marketing/advertising slice through the noise like a warm knife cutting into butter, but it’s FAR easier to be a big fish in a small pond than it is being a small fish in a big pond.

If you’re a service provider, this allows you to command much higher fees as you are now looked at as a specialist, not a generalist.

Generalists fight for scraps at the $3 buffet

While specialists have Caviar for breakfast with champagne bubble baths (B.I.G.)

How I’m Using Instagram Stories to Document the Journey of This Website

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This is blog post numero uno on

This is a passion project of mine.

Truth be told, this is the first time, in 7 years being an online marketer, that I am doing something I am extremely excited about.

I want to prove that you can, in fact, build a business around something you’re passionate about.

In 2010, I read Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk and it was my gateway drug to entrepreneurship. It is the one book that gave me the balls/idea to go out on my own and get started.

Unfortunately, the main message of the book, cash in on your passion, didn’t resonate with me, until recently.

This website/podcast is basically my experiment to prove that you CAN build something around a passion, on a budget, while being a stay-at-home-Dadpreneuer.

And this post is to show you how I am going to document it (the good, bad & ugly) using Instagram Stories.

The History of

This was a Shopify store I launched in December of 2015.

Like a lot of my other busienss ventures over the last few years — it failed.

And for a lot of the same reasons — I wasn’t 100% committed to it, was inpatient, & was juggling a few other ventures. I wasn’t all in. This is a huge problem I see everyday in the online marketer space, and I’ll write about that in the future.


It was a t-shirt store, where I tried selling CrossFit, wine, political, & motivational t-shirts. I know, pretty damn random, but was chasing the trends.

I basically designed shirts that I liked/wanted (and not many others did). All in all, I think I did about $500 in sales, and sold around 18-20 shirts in total.

And I bought 8 of them.

So I was my own biggest customer. Not really the best business model.

In fact, I am wearing one of them right now…



I fell in love with the domain, and knew I wanted to do something with it…eventually. 

I had 2 people email me last summer offering to purchase it….



Honestly, that made me realize I had something people wanted, so I re-newed the domain last December.

I wasn’t sure of the direction until the last couple weeks while discussing ideas with my friend Conrad.

Then last week, I told myself — May 1st, I am burning the boats and going ALL IN with Never Settle!

Document vs. Create

I am not a big Instagram user. I actually just signed up for it last fall to share pictures of a family trip back to Michigan.

There are so many accounts using software to automate follows, hearts & comments. I can’t stand that.

As you can see below, not too active…

I am sharing this as I want to reference back to the image in 30 days to see what this little experiment does for my follower count.

Yesterday, I read a post in a Facebook group about how a guy is using Instagram stories to document his day — a Dad of 2 & who is new to online marketing


I am a Dad of 2, and just launched this website/podcast.

He referenced Gary Vaynerchuk, and Gary coined the term “Document, don’t create.

Here is the video about him discussing documenting vs creating…

This is a passion project of mine.

The current goal for this brand is: To lead, inspire & motivate Dads, who are stuck in the 9-5, to build a thriving online empire, leave a lasting legacy, while spending more quality time with their families.

Using Instagram Stories

Yesterday, I pulled out my phone and recorded my first Instagram story.

Took me about 17 damn takes, but I did it.

I took videos & photos of my day — documenting my journey as a stay-at-home-Dadprenuer and working on this project.

Now I will admit, yesterday was more about the highlights, but will be sharing both — the triumphs & the struggles of everyday life as a Dadprenuer.

It ain’t all sunshine & rainbows when building an online business, although a lot of people will sell you courses/coaching that is it easy. 

I took all the photos & videos and uploaded them to Quik, a really cool, and extremely easy to use, video editing software.

Here is the video I created yesterday…

I then share the video to these channels…

  • Instagram profile with appropriate hashtags
  • Personal Facebook profile
  • Facebook Stories
  • YouTube channel


I think this is a great way to story tell, hence the name Instagram stories. However, adding the Quik app, and creating mini movies, takes it to another level. The video is only a minute long, so very easy to consume. I’m probaly goign to aim for 60% (business)/40% (family/life) split going forward. And not just focus on the highlights, but talk about the struggles as well, in both business and at home.

It was a lot of fun to do, and for some reason, found myself to actually be MORE productive. Well, minus the time I spent playing around with the damn app, as that was time consuming, but it was like getting a new toy for Christmas.