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The Marketing Trifecta: Market, Message & Media

This is a common issue I continue seeing.

And, it’s a mistake I made for years.

Something I am constantly working on, as I feel it’s never “complete” or “finished”.

It doesn’t matter what email software you use…

Or what funnel builder..

Or website platform…

Or Facebook ad objective…

Or image size…

Or what color your call to action button color should be…

Or what time to post on social media…

Or what day/time to run your webinar…

Or…ok, you get my point.

There are 3 critical pieces in ALL marketing.

That’s it.

And these 3 pieces have been used for the last 50+ years.

They may not be flashy.

They may not be sexy.

But when you put these 3 to work — the effectiveness of your advertising/marketing will DRAMATICALLY improve.

You’re better off lighting your money on fire if you do not nail these three elements…

Since I am in Vegas, I am going to now refer to this as the “Marketing Trifecta”.

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Master these 3, and NEVER have issues with marketing again….

MARKET (who)

Your target market. I talk about this a lot, and it’s because it is extremely important. It’s much easier to talk to your prospect’s pain & problems and dreams & desires when you exactly who you’re talking to.

“Business owners” and/or “entrepreneurs” is not a target market.

Niche down, and niche down again. If you’re creative, you can create a “category of one”, meaning you virtually eliminate your competition.

Generalists fight for scraps at the table.

While specialists have Caviar for breakfast with champagne bubble baths


MESSAGE (what)

Once you know your market, you can now craft a compelling message.

How is your product/service going to help eliminate the problem they are facing and/or get
them to the dream they desire.

Why should they choose you over the others in your market?

What do you offer than no one else offers?

Focus on your client’s desired outcome. Talk benefits & features, but really focus on the
OUTCOME your product/service provides.

Work on creating a “million dollar message”.

MEDIA (where)

This is where you’re going to share your message.

This is the one piece on the “Marketing Trifecta” part that changes, the above 2 rarely change.

There are a plethora of choices on where to share your message.

Here are just a few…

  • A blog
  • Email
  • Facebook (organic, paid ads, FB groups)
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcast
  • Direct mail
  • TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, etc

My adivce is to pick 1 or 2 of the above, where your MARKET hangs out.

You can venture out after you get the first 1 or 2 dialed in.

I am not a fan of “be everywhere” as you’ll spread yourself too thin. Become a master of 1, maybe 2.

There you have it, the “Marketing Trifecta”

Dial those 3 is, and you’re literally unstoppable.

I recorded a podcast about this topic, have a listen below…


Why Flying an Airplane is Like Running a Business

You ever fly an airplane?

Me neither.

Did you know an airplane is OFF course like 90% of the time?

In fact, Brian Tracy says all airplanes are OFF course 99% of the time.

Whether it’s 90, 99 or 73.8% doesn’t really matter all that much.

This has a LOT to do with business, and I am going to share a lesson that you can apply immediately

Last week, I launched a podcast called the Dadpreneur Daily. This is where I share my successes & struggles, rants & ramblings and lessons learned about being a Dadprenuer.

It’s quick audio clips using an called Anchor.FM.

This neat app allows you to record audio from your phone (5 minute limit) and you can turn these audios into a podcast.

I wanted to share the latest episode, Constant Course Correction, that deals with the airplane analogy from above.

It’s only about 4 minutes long, but I don’t want you to make the same mistake I’ve made multiple times in the last 7 years.

You have to understand this, and accept it.

And put it into practice.

Have a listen below…

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Baseball Players Fail Twice as Many Times as They Succeed…You Most Likely Will, Too

A baseball player who bats .300 (3 hits out of 10), is typically almost a “shoe-in” for the Hall of Fame.


He is out 7 times out of 10!

He fails TWICE as many times as he succeeds, and is still voted into the Hall of Fame.

You will fail.

I think I have launched/attempted 10+ businesses in the last 7 years.

In 2010, I launched a sports/Vegas/men’s blog called Sin City Trifecta. 1,000+ blog posts, videos, & 3 years of putting out daily content, I shut it down. Revenue generated: $0.

In the summer of 2010, I launched a site called TweetsToKimmel where I tweeted Jimmy Kimmel 8 times per day to try and get on his show. After about 3-4 months, I gave up. Not really a business, but an idea, but didn’t go anywhere.

I believe I have launched 5 Shopify stores, with 4 of them failing miserably. In fact, Never Settle, was a t-shirt store in 2015, and I held on to the domain as I wanted to eventually do
something with it.

I got my start with AMD Web Services — a jack of all trades and master of none approach to online marketing. I was selling $300 websites to start.

I cold called 5,000+ businesses and sold TWO websites!

I’m not a math major, but I know those are embarrassingly bad percentages.

I learned quickly, that cold calling was not for me. I haven’t made a cold call since Valentine’s Day of 2011.

Shit, a few months ago I launched a challenge to generate $10,000/mo being a consultant.

Epic fail.

Again, I chased the money as that is what others were doing.

I have failed more times than I can count the last 7 years, but wouldn’t trade it for the years of experience I’ve gained.

It hasn’t always been fun, MANY fights with Amanda & other family members. Frequent trips to the Money Tree down the street to pay for rent/bills/etc, pretty sure they knew me on a first name basis.

Failing is ok, and once you accept that, things can change fast.

Now, I am not saying I am 100% ok accepting that, as I still struggle with it, but have got a lot better.

“Fear of judgement” is a son of a bitch, and a devil I battle daily.

You’re not going to get a hit every at bat, and that’s ok.

Never stop swinging the bat, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a hit, sitting on the sidelines.

Adam Dukes

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You Can Have It All…Here’s How in 3 Stupid Simple Steps


Wise words from a TV show poster?

On my wall, in my office (read: a loft with no walls/doors and impossible to get ANY work done when the kids are home or awake!!).

Sorry, about that, just sharing some of my frustrations.


I have a poster on the wall.

It’s from the show Entourage, a favorite of mine years ago.

On the poster, it reads — Maybe you can have it all

Years ago, I crossed out the word maybe, so it reads: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

A guy in our Facebook group asked a question about what type of busienss he should start.

How to Build a Business Around Something
You Are Insanely Passionate About

Or have a STRONG interest in…

In Feb of 2010, I read Crush It: Why It’s Time to Cash in on Your Passion, by Gary Vaynerchuk.

It was my “gateway drug” into the internet marketing/entrepreneurship world.

And the book changed my life, but I NEVER put it into practice.

Well, after 7 years of ups & downs, a lot of booze, rarely being fulfilled in business, a couple kids and not one, but TWO Detroit Lions playoff appearances (0-2) ..I am finally putting this into action.

I feel anyone can start ANY business they want, in any market, by following these 3 stupidly simple steps…


Build a tribe of like-minded individuals (your own blog/email list, podcast, YouTube channel, Instagram following, FB live, etc).

You need to CONSISTENTLY put out content on whatever platform you choose.
Ideally, your content should follow the 3e framework — Educate, Elevate or Entertain


Ask these people what they want, or need help with. Problems they need solved. What they’re struggling with.


Give it to them. This can be done in free and paid forms.

FREE: Blog post topics, podcast interviews/guests, video content, guides, trainings ebooks, etc

PAID: More in depth content/ebooks, manuals, courses, master classes, signature program, membership site, software, retreats, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, consulting, etc.

This works for eCommerce, too.

Say you’re into fishing. Build a community of fishing enthusiasts and sell them fishing equipment/supplies.

This would also work for cooking, hiking, extreme sports, archery, hunting, travel, favorite sports and/or teams, scrapbooking and just about any other hobby you could imagine.


We live in exciting times.

You literally can create the life of your dreams.

It does involve work, and it ain’t gonna be easy. However, when doing something you enjoy, it is so much easier to push through those tough times.

It took me 7 years jumping from one opportunity to the next, to finally find something I have a passion for.

Something that excites me.

Something I feel damn good about.

Something I feel I am supposed to be doing.

Don’t wait like 7 years like I did.

You can start building your dreams today.

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Can My Eating Habits Help You Close More Deals?

I know exactly what you’re thinking with that blog post title…

Adam, are you down at the penny slot tournaments on Freemont Street drinking that “free” beer again? 

To that, I would respond with a — No, I just got back 😀

Simple. Is. Sexy.

And simple flat out works.

I only eat plain cheeseburgers

Pepperoni only pizza, please.

Black coffee. No cream. No sugar.

Gyms shorts & t-shirts are what I wear 98.3% of the time.

So I keep my food choices and wardrobe SUPER SIMPLE.

But in business, I like to overcomplicate shit.

“Lets just make things more difficult than they need to be, Adam!”

I am improving, though.


Enough about my Daddy issues….

In today’s post, I want to share a little hack with you, that will help you close your next sale.

Whether you’re selling cars, homes, RVs, coaching, consulting, services, whatever. It really doesn’t matter.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you.

Every day, dedicate ONE hour on tasks that are directly focused on landing your next client. Pick a time, set a timer, and get laser focused for that one hour.

Be consistent and do this EVERYDAY, preferably at the same time each day.

Follow up with warm leads, launch a Facebook ad campaign, send an email to your database, cold email/cold, door knock, etc.

This does NOT include…

…messing around on Facebook…

…checking emails….

…taking any calls…

…playing on Tinder (or Grinder — who am I to judge!)…

I know, it seems so simple, and it is.

The problem with that is — it is also easy NOT to do it. It’s easy to “skip” over.

So, pick a time and commit yourself to doing this daily.

You’re not allowed to do anything that doesn’t move you closer to closing your next deal.

What you focus on, expands.

Focus on closing your next deal and and you’ll…

…close MORE of them!

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The Brain Dead Simple Way to Make Money Online

It was June of 2016.

Not sure the precise details, but I stumbled upon a blog post from a marketer who I had never heard of.

It was a lady out of Australia.

And she shared something with me, that absolutely shocked me on her so called secret to success.

I’ll share that in a bit, but first…

This lady runs a multi-million dollar info publishing business. It’s her personal brand, which makes it that much more impressive.

Her writing sucked me in.

I was absolutely hooked on her style, and her take-no-bullshit-I-do-what-I-want-I-make-the-rules attitude.

I then began to follow her on Facebook, and I realized something very quick.

This lady was an absolute content producing machine!

Daily FB posts of 1,500+ words.

Daily emails, sometimes 2-3 per day.

I still receive the emails (daily), and still read every last one of them.

In fact, I have a folder in Gmail where I keep the good ones.


In July of last year, I invested more money than I ever have with anyone online.

And I knew her for about 6 weeks.

There are others I followed online for years, and always wanted to work with them privately and always told myself….one day.

This lady showed up, and her message spoke to my soul.

I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I needed to work with this lady, so I invested in a mentorship program with her.

For the last couple weeks, I have been re-listening to the training while driving in the car, sitting at my desk.

It was a 6 week intensive program, with probably 4-5 hours of content. In the last 13 months, I have probably listened and re-listened to it a dozen or so times.

Each time, it seems like I pick up something new.

Weird how that works, but it’s true.

You can hear the same thing 3x, 4x or 10x times, but sometimes it can hit you differently.

In one of the trainings, she talks about why she is so successful.

And it’s so stupidly simple, you’re going to say thanks for wasting my time, Adam!

After 7 years online, I am really starting to appreciate the simplicity in things.

The 6 Minute & 39 Second Formula to
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Here is her reason for having a multi-million dollar publishing business…

The reason I make the money I do, is I just make more offers than most.

Huh? That’s it?

That’s it. She puts out more offers, that’s her secret.

This doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — online or offline, physical products or digital products, a service based business, coaching or consulting.

How many offers did you make today to your target market?

How many last week?

How many last month?

I’d be willing to bet that the more offers you made, the more of the green stuff you put in your piggybank.

There is a big lesson here…

You have to be ok with the fact that some offers will bomb.

Some might not get any response, let alone sales.

The secret is getting back up, and making another offer tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and so on.

You win some, and you lose some.

We all fail.

Some of my offers have flat out bombed. And it’s not easy dealing with that.

You learn, adjust, get yourself back up and try something else.


5 Mentors Who Transformed My Life That I Am Forever Grateful For

Quick question for you…

Do you want to shortcut your way to success?

Exactly what I thought, lets get started…

So, I got started with online marketing in 2010.

Some ups, a shit ton of downs, some shysters, and some damn good people I met along the way. I say “met” as I have not actually met these people in person. Some I have, most I have not. That is one of the coolest things about this is that you can build solid friendships with people online, without meeting them. I have some great friends I’ve never met before.

I used to think mentors were people I had to pay money to.

Per Google, here is the definition…

I wanted to put together a list of men, who I follow online, who have helped me become a better man, Dad, son, brother, entrepreneur, friend & person.

There are a lot of shitheads online who are out for one thing — your money

These 5 men, 2 who I’ve met in person, are men I admire, follow, trust & am forever grateful for.

Now, I have learned from many people over the years, these are the ones that continue teaching me things, and ones I recommend you at least check out.

This list of men is in alphabetical order.

Without further adieu, lets get started….

Andy Frisella

I came across Andy’s podcast The MFCEO a little over a year ago. It is, by far, the absolute best podcast on the Interwebs.

And it’s not even close.

Now, this isn’t to say that others are bad, it’s just the message, and Andy’ style, speaks to my soul. Often, I listen to episodes multiples times. Some I have listened to 5 or 6 times. It is that good.

If you’re interested to in getting fire spit in your ears twice a week, subscribe to his podcast here.

Andy is the CEO of 1st Phorm, a supplement company based in St. Louis, Missouri. The podcast is a mission, a passion project of his, and doesn’t generate any revenue. Shit, he rarely even mentions 1st Phorm. No sponsors, no programs or coaching to sell. It’s him (Vaughn & Tyler) talking about how hard work, dedication, honesty & adding value is how to live a good life.

It’s called the MFCEO, but it’s about being the CEO of YOUR life, so don’t think you have to be an entrepreneur to get value from it.

Why You Should Follow Him

If you want the truth on how to be successful, Andy is the one to follow. Since he’s not selling anything via his podcast, which is so rare, it’s like you instantly trust him because there is no hidden agenda. The man is so inspirational.

Ben Adkins

Ben is the guy I have been following the longest, on this list. He’s one of 2 (on this list men) that I have met in person.

It was 2012, there was an internet marketing conference here in Las Vegas at a hotel just off the strip. Ben was a guy I really wanted to meet, along with a few others. The week before the event, I shot personal videos and sent them to 6 or 7 individuals that were going to be at the event. A quick 15-20 seconds video letting them know that I was looking forward to meeting them at the upcoming event.

I’ll never forget it, it was Friday evening, and there was a little mixer before the event. I remember getting there a bit early as I was excited to meet some friends, who I had not met in person. Conferences are always fun as you can be online friends with people for years before actually meeting them in real life.

Ben was standing against the wall, chatting with some people. I walked in the vicinity of them, Ben spotted me, and yelled out, “Adam, come here!”

He knew my name.

Because of the video I sent him.

He recognized me. 

He referenced the video and said that was a cool way to get someone’s attention. And it obviously worked, and something I highly recommend if you’re going to a conference, no matter the industry.

It worked so well, that another speaker at the event (Brad Spencer), mentioned me in his presentation. He was someone I had never met, but sent him a video as well. In his presentation, he talked about how cool of an idea it was that I sent him a personal video. In fact, he referred to it as “The Adam Dukes Effect”. He shared this at other events that he spoke at.


Ben is a guy that is so damn good at simplifying things. A lot of marketers (read: most) tend to overcomplicate things. He has a gift of explaining things and breaking them down into shockingly simple steps. Extremely refreshing. The guy has a heart of gold, and is just a damn good person.

Why You Should Follow Him

A man of integrity, and a masterful marketer. There is so much to learn from him from just watching him. I have invested in his training programs over the years, and it’s always been worth every penny.

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Ben Settle

Arguably, the best email marketer in all of Internetland. And like the other Ben, he keeps things brain dead simple. Again, very refreshing.

Ben has a podcast (listen here), The Podcast that he publishes every Sunday. It is better than most paid courses, as he teaches the timeless principles of marketing. Ben doesn’t talk about flashy, sexy new hacks or tactics. He refers to the methods as “unpolished, unsexy”, but they have worked for 50+ years. They may not seem exciting, or new age, but they are effective. And that’s what matters.

He emails his database DAILY, which in the internet marketing world, is unheard of. It sticks out like a fart in church, a phrase he uses often. He’s the reason why I email daily, or aim to.

Why You Should Follow Him

If you want sound marketing principles, anti-feminism & humor sprinkled in, he’s your guy.

Mitch Miller

This is a guy I discovered last summer, and am glad I found him.

His no bullshit, give you the straight truth attitude is so damn refreshing. I’m such a fan, I posted on Facebook recently that people should start following him, which I have never done. His posts, I actually search for.

His copywriting is some of the best I’ve seen online.

An absolute master at positioning, and I am learning that that is the way to  skyrocket your way to success.

Why You Should Follow Him

If you’re interested in some of the best FREE advice online,  how to position yourself as the absolute go to person in your industry, charge premium prices for your services, and be looked at as a leader, follow this man.

Kevin Nations

This is a guy who lives down the street from me. By that, I mean he’s a Vegas local.

The picture above, was at his birthday in 2014.

I reached out to his girlfriend, Melissa, as I knew his birthday was coming up. I asked her what his favorite restaurant was as I wanted to send him a little birthday gift. She then asked, “do you want to give it to him in person?”

I fell off my chair.

Melissa invited me to their home for a birthday party with family, friends and clients.

I jumped at the opportunity, even though I had never met Kevin, Melissa, or anyone else at the party. The above picture was taken about 5 minutes after I arrived.

This was Kevin’s party, and he honestly made me feel like I belonged there. He made me feel  that he was more excited I was there, than the other way around. I assure you, that was not the case. He told me how grateful he was for me spending my Monday evening with him and family. A very genuine man.

Why You Should Follow Him

He is the mentor to mentors. He’s been teaching people how to sell high ticket for 10+ years, which is unheard of in our space. His Facebook posts are filled with wisdom. He’s taught me the importance of being grateful for a lot of things, I would have taken for granted.


Just a massive amount of gratitude for these 5 men. They have all taught me so much over the years, and continue doing so.

Originally, this post had 9 men listed, but the post was getting a bit long (1,500 words), so I am breaking it into two parts. Stay tuned for a future post of another list of men to follow online.

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A FREE $18,000 Marketing Tip For You

Pretty much the dance I make when I save $18,800.

Or better yet: The dance I would make if I were saving $18,800.


This little golden nugget comes from Mr. Dan Kennedy.

If you are not familiar with him, he’s one of the top marketing experts in the world. He’s been in the industry for decades

Over the weekend, I came across a blog post about a guy who invested in a ONE day consulting session with Mr. Kennedy.

An $18,800 investment, and this was years ago.

I’ve heard it’s now closer to 6 figures to sit with him for a day now.

Which got me thinking….about time to raise my prices


His #1 takeaway, and an exact quote from Dan himself, was…

“Your growth will have less to do with your talent, your skill, your expertise or your deliverables than it will your ability and willingness to create and exploit your own status.”

We’ve all heard it before, that people don’t necessarily buy WHAT you do, but they buy WHO you are.

They buy YOU!

Ask yourself…

  • How are you positioned in your marketplace?
  • Are you looked at as a thought leader?
  • Are you viewed as a “celebrity” in your niche/industry?

And I know what you’re thinking…

What’s the FASTEST way to achieve this?

It goes back to my email from yesterday, about getting specific with who you serve.

Being a big fish in a small pond is MUCH easier than being a small fish in a big pond.
And you can eventually “branch out”, but you need to start small.

You want to play in puddles, NOT oceans.

For example, my tribe (mostly) consists of entrepreneurs/online marketers (a wide niche), who are males (narrowed down more), who are also Dads (narrowed down even more).

For the first time in 7 years, my target market is myself.

Like I said yesterday, empathy is the most important word in marketing.

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Are You Making This Business Crippling Mistake?

Do as I say…not as I did. 

I got started with online marketing in 2010. 

And I have made just about every mistake in the book. 

Some twice. 

And some 391 times. 

I is a slooowwww learner. 

I share these emails with you, to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes that I did/still do. 

This is something most (98.3%) online marketers struggle with when getting started. Really, I see it across most industries, not just online marketers. 

For some, it takes years to figure out how this one thing can TRANSFORM a business.

When I got started in 2010, I offered just about every digital marketing service out there and would talk to any business owner who would listen.

Pretty sure I talked to some that weren’t willing to listen 😀

It didn’t go well. 

Kinda like this….


 took me a couple years (remember I is sloooow) to discover that the “jack of all trades master of none” was not a good way to put the green stuff in my piggybanks.

In 2012-ish, I started narrowing my focus to attorneys (because they can afford these services, right?). My “foot in the door” service was a mobile website, and called this the “Trojan Horse Method”.

Once I earned their trust after selling them a mobile website, we’d discuss other areas they needed help. Often times, this included SEO, which was a monthly retainer 💰💰💰

This worked well, but after 18 or so months, I pivoted to offering FB advertising to real estate agents.

Not just real estate agents, but Keller Williams agents.

Not just KW agents, but MALE KW agents.

Male KW agents who were 35 – 50.

I niched down (real estate), then I niched down again (KW), then I niched down again (males).

After speaking with a few KW agents, I started learning some of their internal systems, how they were taught to market, some of the marketing messages they used, etc.

This was HUGE for me, as I was able to leverage this “insider information”in future conversations with KW agents. I knew what was working for others, I knew that KW pushed cold calling, I knew the name of their internal marketing system, and started learning the common struggles of these agents.

Per Facebook, there are about 11k male KW agents in the 35 – 50 year old age range. Most marketers would think “that is too small”, but that’s exactly what you want.
It’s MUCH easier to make a big splash in a small puddle.

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More Cashflow While Working Less  Get the Dadpreneur Freedom Guide!  

The most powerful word in marketing is: EMPATHY

You want to speak to your markets’ pain points, struggles, wants, needs, dreams & desires.

You want them nodding their head and thinking…”this guy gets me…”

You cannot do that when you’re targeting everyone.

“When you try to be everything to everyone, you are nothing to everyone”

This also served as my USP (Unique Selling Proposition), as I never found another marketer who specialized working with male KW agents.

I was basically a “category of ONE”, virtually eliminating my competition.

In tomorrow’s email, I am going to share with you a $18,800 marketing lesson. 

Don’t worry, I am not going to send you a bill for it. The tip is absolutely free. 

However, I do accept payments in Dairy Queen blizzard coupons and/or pizza. 

Surprise me, maybe?

How Admitting Flaws Can Increase Trust & Boost Sales

The word opportunity has been ruined for me.

If you know me, you know I am not a fan of the MLM industry. Nothing personal against anyone, I just hate how 97.3% of them “market” the opportunity.

And it’s taught by the higher ups, so it’s noat the person who is just getting started.

A lot of their “marketing” comes off as spam, desperation, and I have seen some people flat out lie.

The other day, a buddy of mine posted a message he received. It was from a lady who withdrew a truckload of monies from her bank, recorded a video and claimed that is what she made in first week with the company.

The video was viewed MILLIONS of times, as it went viral, and this lady made tens of thousands of dollars.

She was asking my buddy how to market herself, as this way died off. He was not happy with what she did, called her out, and she told him that si what she was taught to do.


That is why I am not a fan of the industry,

How to Attract Profitable Prospects
Without ‘Hustling & Grinding’ Your Face Off  Get the Dadpreneur Freedom Guide!  


My sister just joined one.

Plexus is the company, and according to their website, Plexus — The delicious, power-packed health drink your body has been waiting for. Feed your gut with beneficial prebiotics, support a healthy glucose metabolism, and lose weight — all with one great-tasting drink

I told her I am willing to test it out, and see how/if it works for me.

Considering summer is right around the corner, shedding a few lbs wouldn’t hurt.

I like pizza too much.

And ice cream.

And cookies.

And donuts.

And candy.

And cheeseburgers.

And S’mores granola bars.

Ok, you get it…

Amanda and I started taking it on Sunday, and we both have sore throats. Amanda also has lower back pains.

I went to the Google machine as I originally thought I was coming down with something, but sore throat is one of the side effects, as is lower back pain.

I landed on a site, that was promoting the product. However, the owner of the website was not only talking about the benefits of the product, but also shared the downsides/side effects, it can cause.

This blog post stuck out like these millennials that think it’s cool wearing hoodies & a beanie in this 100 degree desert heat.

All the other blog posts that were promoting it were touting how amazing the product is, and the best thing since sliced bread. No mentions of the downsides.

This blog post was honest & was real, and I instantly trusted this person.

If I were looking to buy Plexus, and while doing research found this site, this would be the person I would buy from.

Some of the many benefits of pointing out the flaws in your product or service are..

  • Instantly build credibility & trust
  • Virtually eliminate your competitionmost are too scared to do this
  • Shows extreme confidence in your product or service

We all know that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist, well, besides when someone describes my grilled cheese makin’ skillz….