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15 Things EVERYONE Wants

A quick post before I finish off this Ric Flair 30-for-30 ESPN documentary, which is excellent, by the way.

If you were a wrestling fan growing up, I highly recommend it. A look “behind the glitz & glamour” of it all, and quite sad. He still is, at 68 years old, addicted to the sport/fame of it all

Here is a GIF of the Dirtiest Player in the Game that I’ve now watched 76 times today…


Do you know what your prospects want?

I mean what they truly want?

This might seem painfully obvious to some, but I know a lot of Dadprenuers think they know what their market wants, but has never truly asked them. I definitely recommend you getting to know your market and asking these questions, but have some good news for you….

Earlier, I was reading a book on awareness, and the author shared a list of 15 things EVERYONE wants.

Here is his list…

  • To feel better…
  • To behave better…
  • To have more closeness, more love…
  • To have more mental clarity, to make better decisions…
  • To have more happiness…
  • To feel more security, more inner peace…
  • To be healthier, to live longer…
  • To have financial security, to make more mon-ey…
  • To have a labor of love….
  • To have doable challenges…
  • To understand people better….
  • To be understood by others…
  • To be more persuasive…
  • To make a difference….
  • To experience a sense of spiritual connection

The list above are SOLUTIONS to problems. Ideally, you should be solving a specific problem for your market. If you’re not doing that, it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

I know the feeling, so want to help you out with a question….

What is the ultimate OUTCOME your product or service provides?

It should be one (or more) from the list above. If not, dig deeper.

Then sell them THAT.

Don’t sell a feature or benefit or what it does.

They want to know how you can help them alleviate pain and/or satisfy a deep desire. Bonus points if you can achieve both.

Sell them what they WANT.

It’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

Adam Dukes

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Why You’re Being Selfish By Not Sharing Your Story


We all have a story to share.

Your story IS worth sharing.

Sharing a weakness, and how you deal with it, can help someone.

Sharing a story about how you overcame a difficult time in your life, can help someone currently going through a similar struggle.

Sharing a story about how you beat an addiction, can give someone the inspiration and/or strength they need.

Your words matter.

Your story matters.

Your words, at the right time, can reach the right person, and have a MASSIVE impact on them.

Just last week, I shared a post in our Dadpreneur FB group about imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud). It’s something I deal with, and many others do as well.

Last night, a fellow Dadpreneur, left a comment on my post. We both grew up in the same town, however, I have not had the privilege to meet him, yet.

Here is what he wrote…




This made my night last night.

It was exactly what I needed to hear/read, and came from someone who I have a ton of
respect for, and look up to.

Ironically, it was a post I was nervous to share. It seems the posts that I hesitate to post (nervous/scared/embarrassed/whatever) are the ones that seem to be the most impactful.

Vulnerability is powerful.

Your words matter.

Your story matters.

Brene Brown said

Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it

Act as a lighthouse, and always shine your light.

Share your wins & your losses, your ups & your downs.

You never know who’s watching, or the lives you could be impacting.

And one could argue, you’re being selfish by not sharing your story.

UPDATE: Ironically, I sent this out as an email, and received a reply from lady thanking me for the email, and letting me know it was an “email she needed to read after a long day at her corporate job”.

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