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Why Making This Mistake Will Stunt Your Business Growth

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This will STUNT your businesses growth.

I made this mistake for years, and still have trouble with it.

The solution is how Steve Jobs turned Apple around in the last 90s.

Yesterday, Christian, Amanda’s 14-year old son, brought home a fundraiser. It was a massive coupon book and is selling for $25. It’s close to 100 pages and there are probably 150+ businesses offering coupons.

It’s overwhelming.

It’s confusing, and we all know — a confused mind doesn’t buy.

There are too many choices.

Back in the late 90s, Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple (Yes, he was fired from HIS own company) to help save the failing tech company.

His managers were unable to explain why they had so many products, so Jobs asked, “Which ones do I tell my friends to buy?”

When he didn’t get a straight answer, Jobs reduced the product line by more than 70%.

Moving forward, Apple’s strategy was to produce FOUR products.

Not 157.

Not 72.

But 4.

Have you been to Chili’s lately?

The menu looks like an encyclopedia. There are way too many choices. They were once known as a Southwestern restaurant, and now offer just about anything you can imagine.

And the quality has suffered, in my opinion.

This applies to your business, too.

If you offer professional services, think about trimming it down to a few and be the best in the industry at those services.

If you offer products, think about trimming your product line down, and only offer the best of the best.

Yesterday, it was reported Apple hit a market cap of $775 BILLION.

Maybe the guy that made black turtlenecks famous was on to something.