3 Words to Help You Sell More

Hope your coffee is hot, this should take you about 1 minute and 2 seconds to read (According to Forbes, the average adult reads 300 words per minute)

I wanted more.

This morning I listened to an old interview from the the world’s most feared negotiator, Jim Camp.

Can’t get enough of this guy.

Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago.

I have listened to this interview with him 5 or 6 times now, and will continue to do so.

Vision drive decision.

If you want to sell someone something (a product, service, idea, etc), you need to create a vision for them.

It’s about THEIR vision, not yours.

One example Camp gave in an interview was with seatbelts.

We all know that seatbelts save lives.

There are thousands of studies, stats & figures out there proving that.

Yet, thousands of people die every year because they didn’t wear a seatbelt.

Instead of sharing facts with these people, Jim suggests asking questions that create vision…

“When your car collides with another car at 60 MPH, where will your body end up?”


Now that creates a vision!

You think that would help people buckle up?

Most likely.

Camp used to sell water filters door-to-door.

He tried the sales pitch the company suggested, but failed miserably with it.

So, he started asking this question…

“Just tell me you don’t want softer hair and I’ll leave.”
He had the women saying: Come right in!

You must paint a picture of the OUTCOME your product or service provides.

Facts tell.

Stories sell.

Imagine writing (fun) little emails with tips & strategies to help your market.

Then selling them your product, or service, or consultation, or idea, etc.

Basically, what I am doing right now.

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