A Fundamental Business Lesson from the New Orleans Saints

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As Homer Simpson would say: DOH!

This player had ONE job…

This post was inspired by something Justin Brooke posted yesterday, and the New Orleans Saints.

If you saw the game yesterday, you saw an ending you might not ever see again.

All the Saints had to do was TACKLE the guy,.

There was no time on the clock, and the game would have been over, IF he tackled him.

That’s it.

Here is a shot of his attempted tackle…

The fundamentals of football are: blocking & tackling.

That is what is taught when you first get started in pee-wee football.

The New Orleans safety was going for a big hit, to be featured on ESPN highlights, a viral video, social media, etc.

Unfortunately, this is quite common nowadays with NFL players.

If this guy did what he was taught when he was 9-years old, the Saints would be playing for the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Marketing comes down to the fundamentals…

MARKET — Who is your ideal target market? Specificity wins here

MESSAGE — Once you know your market, you can now craft a compelling & meaningful message for them.

MEDIA — Where are you going to deliver your message?

Those are the “blocking & tackling” of effective and profitable marketing, online or offline.

Master those, and you’ll be ahead of 98.3% of your market, if not more.

That’s the presmie of the Dadprenuer Freedom program, these three Ms, along with two other critical pieces, also Ms…

MINDSET — The foundation for everything.

This business is 90% mental and 10% strategy/tactics. I am convinced life is the same way.

You’ll learn how to master your mind and silence the self doubt.

MACHINE — How to build a machine to deliver you red hit leads around the clock, 24/7/365.

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