What Eminem Can Teach You About Business

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Did you know….

Eminem went to rehab in Brighton, Michigan.

A small town about 45 miles west of Detroit.

It’s where I spent the first 25 years of my life, before I traded the grey skies and snow in April for the bright lights of Sin City.

In fact, Annie, my younger sister, went to the same rehab, about 6 months after Eminem was there in 2008.

He put out a new album yesterday and for the last 12 – 15 years I’ve always been so excited for days like this.

Maybe it’s the old age, but I wasn’t too excited about it.

Truth be told, I didn’t even know about it till 9:02 pm on Thursday night when it was released (midnight east coast).


I was showing Amanda my favorite track on the album (arose), and she said to me…

“Turn it off, I can’t listen to it anymore

I was like huh?

And she said, “I can relate too much and it makes me sad

Not going to get into the details about that, but understood what she was saying, and it got me thinking….

Eminem is known to rap about his life, his struggles with his Mom, drugs, ex-wife, Dad to name a few.

He’s extremely vulnerable.

He’s arguably the best rapper of all-time, although I am a bit biased. He’s in the top 3/5 though.

Most rappers talk about the high life they live — cars, mon-ey, women, etc.

Very rarely does he rap/brag about that stuff.

Vulnerability = power.

It’s not easy, and one of my favorite books on the topic is Daring Greatly (purchase that book here) from Brene Brown.


You want to attract your perfect people into your tribe?

Share the real and the raw.

There is far too much bullshit online in the entrepreneurial space, and non-entrepreneurial space.

People constantly sharing their highlight reels.

People see through it.

Or most people do.

Time and time again, the more vulnerable I am when sending an email, publishing a Facebook post, putting out a YouTube video.

The bigger reaction I get.

Now, it does take me a lot longer to hit ‘publish’ on those posts, as it’s scary, but every damn time it’s worth it. I promise you that.

Here is an email I got from a lady a couple months back…

She’s commented on a few of my emails this year, and it ALWAYS makes me smile.

So this weekend, I want you to share a vulnerability with your tribe.

Send an email, post in your FB group, shoot a YouTube video, Instagram, wherever. Pick up the phone and call a family member or friend and share something.

I don’t care where at, just share something real & raw with your tribe.

I want you to pull an Eminem 🙂

And share with me how it made you feel once you share it.

This is from a Dad in our group, and how opening up really helped him…

We ALL have our battles.

I am constantly slaying daily demons (or trying to).

Self doubt is an everyday struggle for me, and often times 17 times per day. Sometimes more.

This is a rough time of year for a lot of people, too.

The holidays can be extremely stressful.

Know you’re not alone.

If you ever need to chat, this is a two-way channel.

Adam Dukes

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