A Common Trait Found Among Winners

Have you ever tried to take a family picture with a 2 & 4 year old?

It’s like herding cats.

Yesterday, we all got dressed up and planned to go see Santa, but the kids were a bit tired.

Seeing Santa is no easy task, and when you add tired to the mix…

Well, lets just say I’d rather dig my eyeballs out with spoons.

So instead of doing nothing, Amanda wanted to get some pics by our Christmas tree.

I thought…

Who’s going to take the picture?

Amanda said, “grab the ladder”

I set the ladder up, moved the couch and we grabbed Amanda’s camera.

The one I got her for Christmas 2 years ago, and she has used like 3 times.

Not bitter.

Not at all.


Here was the best shot, out of about 17 takes….

We did the best with what we had.

And that is a damn important lesson in the world of entrepreneurship.

I thanked Amanda and told her what an awesome idea that was.

She replied with, “I’m resourceful”

And that is what is takes to win an an entrepreneur.

Here is the definition of resourceful:

Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

“I don’t have money”

This is probably the most common myth bullshit lie people tell themselves for not being successful.

We live in such exciting times, that you do not need money to start most online businesses.

We should all be extremely grateful for the opportunity that is in front of all of us.

Does money help?

Of course!

Iit can certainly speed up the process, but it’s not a requirement.

If you’re bootstrapping it, it’s going to take you putting in the work day in and day out.

You must be 100% focused.

You must be ruthlessly committed to it.

You must be consistent.

And honestly, those 3 things, you need those whether you have money in the bank or you’re flat broke.

In October of 2010, I got started with less than $50. I bought a domain, and $30 in upsells (that I never used) from Go Daddy for a domain name.

I self taught myself web design by watching hundreds of YouTube videos.

I then cold called 5,000 Las Vegas businesses selling websites.

After 6 weeks, I made 2 sales.

$300 each.

It absolutely SUCKED!


Taught me so much about myself and busienss.

When I launched my Shopify store in June of 2015, I started with $5 per day with Facebook advertising.

$5/day, then $7, then $9, then $13, then $18, then $20, then $27 and on and on and on….

In 6 months time, I was spending $1,000 per DAY on Facebook — absolutely mind-blowing to me.

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“I don’t have time”

Another common bullshit excuse people tell themselves.

I got started when I was single, with no job, so I used that to my advantage. People with kids have much less spare time, I understand that now.

You find the time, and put that time into your business.

You wake up 30 minutes earlier and work on your busienss.

You stay up an 15 minutes later and work on your business.

You quit watching TV, and put that time into your business.

You quit surfing the web, and put the time into your business.

You set your phone down, and put that time into your business.

Just about anyone can find 60 minutes in their day.

You need to be very efficient, but it’s absolutely possible.

You have to be resourceful.

You have to find a way.

Whatever it takes, until it takes.

Admittedly, I have made excuses over the years. I ain’t perfect, and still make them. I’ve got a lot better, but still lie to myself.

Understand it’s not going to happen overnight.


Over the last 7+ years, I have learned quite a bit.

And I tried my absolute best to jam pack all the wisdom learned into a course, which I call Dadprenuer Freedom.

This program will save you time AND money — two things money complain about.

This is your shortcut.

Don’t get me wrong, this does involve work.

There will be days where you want to burn it all to the ground.

And you have to push though those days.

In module one, I discuss the importance of mastering your mind.

It’s a daily discipline.

Adam, I am ready for Dadpreneur Freedom

Adam Dukes

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