$100 for a Book? Money Well Spent

I have another confession…

Shocking, I know…

No, it’s not about the time my girlfriend dumped me in 6th grade by sliding a note in my locker and I sobbed uncontrollably like a baby…for days weeks.

Not bitter at all, I am over it.

*wipes away tears*

Enough about my time at Maltby Middle School in 1993.

I am absolutely obsessed with personal development. The constant improvement of myself.

It started when I read The Miracle Morning, 3 years ago this month.

That booked changed my life. It opened up my eyes (and brain) to the importance of working on one’s self — every. damn. day.

If you have not read it, I highly recommend it.

So last week, I told Amanda I bought a new book. Nothing new, as I try to read 2 books per month.

It was the fact that I told her it cost $100, that got her attention.

She looked at me as if I has a third eye, and tentacles sticking out of my head.

As if I was from another planet.

At times, I am just flat out weird (I see you nodding your head 😆), and I do get the look often.

Finally, after 36 years, I am learning to embrace the weirdness.


This morning in the gym, I was listening to the audio version of the book.

And the author shared one idea, that instantly made the book worth it — 10x over.

All it takes is one gold nugget from a book, a video, an email, a FB post, a conversation, really anything, can drastically change your life.

Of course, if you implement it.

And the idea is “brain dead” simple, and I’ve heard it before.

However, this time it was different.


I paid for it.

I made the investment.

Most do not value fre-e.

Myself included.

I will most likely listen to the book multiple times, and will read it with a highlighter in hand, once it arrives at Chateau de Dukes.

And the lesson he shared?

The 6 Minute & 39 Second Formula to
More Cashflow While Working Less  Get the Dadpreneur Freedom Guide!  

You might laugh, but here it is…

Plan one family outing each & every week.

That’s it.

Nothing earth shattering, but something I WILL be implementing immediately.

Building a million dollar business means absolutely nothing, if you neglect your family or your health or yourself.

It’s quite common for men to put all (or a far majority) of their focus on their business.

In Dadprener Freedom, it’s all about designing a business around your life — not the other way around.

It’s not about hustling & grinding your face off while your family wonders why you’re never around or constantly stressed out.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, click on the link below…

>>> Adam, I am ready to build a business I am proud of <<<

Adam Dukes

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