How the New England Patriots Can Help You Battle Complacency

It ain’t no secret…

I am a HUGE fan of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady.

And there is a big lesson that the 2007 New England Patriots can teach us.

That was the year he was tossin’ the pigskin to Randy Moss.

Moss caught 23 TD passes, an NFL record.

Brady threw 50 TD passes, an NFL record.

They set the single season record for most points in a season.

So what does this have to do with business?


Something I have battled for years in complacency.

It’s a dangerous place to be.

This past weekend, I was reminded of it once again.

A guy in our Dadpreneur FB group started his own Dadpreneur Facebook group.

At first, I was upset, angry. I was a bit jealous.

He posted about it in a large marketing group and got quite a few members from that post. Something I could have done, but never did.

Yesterday, I came to my senses, and it lit a fire under my ass.

I realized I have been playing small.

Admittedly, I’ve been lazy.

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I am no longer upset, but am now fired up. I am using this to my advantage.

Again, this is something we all battle.

You cannot get too complacent as there is competition out there.

Like Mark Cuban once said….

Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.

It’s so damn true.

Don’t get complacent.

It’s a damn trap, that I don’t want you to fall in.

Learn from my mistakes.

Speaking of learning from my mistakes.

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Adam Dukes

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