40% of Your Marketing Success Will be Determined by ________

Have you heard of the 40/40/20 rule?

No, not the 40/40 Club, that club that Jay-Z owns.

Annie, my sister, used to work at the one out here in Vegas back in 2007. She didn’t last long, I think a month or so.

It was so damn shady, and they ended up closing their doors 8 months after they opened.

She ended up taking the initial test to get hired after a night out drinking. She went down there, took the test and passed.

Unfortunately, she failed another test.

On her way back to our apartment, she got pulled over, about 500 feet from the complex and got a DUI. And went to jail.

That is another story for another email.

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The 40/40/20 rule is….

Audience — 40% of your marketing success will be determined by your audience/list. You need to be offering the right product or service, to the right people.

As a 36-year old male, I am not too interested in buying a bra from Victoria’s Secret — even if it is 85% off.

Offer — 40% of your marketing success comes down to your offer. Give them a reason to buy. Make them feel special.

This is what I refer to as a Godfather-like offer, one they simply cannot refuse. A lot of the offers I see online are quite boring, and all look very similar to each other.

Creative — The creative look and feel of your marketing will only account for 20% of your success.

You want it to look nice, but the right offer on a bar napkin, to the right person, can work.

In tomorrow’s email I am going to share with you a Godfather offer I just recently put out.

I told Amanda about it last night, and she looked at me like I had just landed a spaceship in the driveway.

It’s an offer with an absolutely absurd guarantee.

And it might backfire, but I doubt it.

Sometimes it’s about taking risks, and putting yourself out there.

And having unshakable confidence in yourself.

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s email.

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